Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great buys at Walgreens

So I admit, I am addicted to Walgreens. Is there a 12 step program that I can attend? We live about 30 minutes from Walgreens- well, we live about 3o minutes away from any of the big stores. Today I gathered up my coupons and register rewards and found some good deals!

Tuff drawstring garbage bags 2.50
Goody elastic hair bands 2.99 and you get a 2.00 Register Reward
Rimmel nail polish 40% off, making it 2.09 plus I had a 1.00 coupon
Reach toothbrushes 99 cents with in ad coupon, but I also had a 3.00/3 coupon making these FREE!

I love having awesome cashiers that are coupon friendly! There are 2 at this particular store that let me do multiple transactions without getting huffy. They even help me go thru my stacks of register rewards to help keep my out of pocket low. Today I split my items up into 2 transactions. I was distracted and really not thinking. Had I split them up into 3 or 4 transactions my cost would have only been a few dollars. I spent 4.xx on the first transaction and got a $2 RR, then the second was $6.22! I never spend that much, and the cashier noticed and asked if i had more coupons. haha! She must know me pretty well! But the machine did spit out a $2 RR so I still did ok. I did go back through the line and buy 6 more toothbrushes and 2 rice krispie treats for a total of about 1.50. Overall, I got 9 toothbrushes for FREE with the coupons.
Walgreens has some great deals if you are a couponer. I love reading about the great finds that others discover! My stockpile is huge mostly in part due to the Walgreens deals. I am always getting free shampoo , razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bar soap, and feminine products. I can't believe that I used to pay full price for this stuff and not even think twice about it. Now, I almost hardly ever pay full price for health and beauty stuff, and when I do, I am always wondering if I could get it cheaper somewhere else. I guess that is just the mentality of a couponer.
Friends, if you are reading this....don't be surprised when I start passing off my great finds to you! My stockpile is growing out of control, and so you might be getting some of these items for your birthdays or holiday gifts !

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Robyn said...

I am not very good at that kind of deal hunting, but it is interesting and cool to read about others who are. :)